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Ali's Blog

My notes on day to day stuff in IT & Technology

Ali's Blog - My notes on day to day stuff in IT & Technology

421 4.3.2 Service not available, closing transmission channel – SBS2008

One of my clients reported this problem

On investigation, it was found that this error was returned only if the server was telnet from outside the office network

The usual service banner was coming up if the exchange server was telnet from inside the office.

This led me to check the Hub transport on the server, where I found that someone had deleted the internet receive connector

The default SBS connector only facilitates email to be received from other exchange servers inside the network.

It is due to this connector that the service banner was showing ok internally.

It is the internet connector which is responsible of receiving emails from WWW

So I created the connector and below are the settings:

Note that I have allowed upto 40MB of attachments and the internal network subnet is: